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The Garden Application

Completing this is not a confirmed entry. This is a curated place, unlike any other. Last season we accepted ~100 of ~300 applicants. We seek those with the attention span & curiosity to complete this application. This is a filter, not a funnel. If we lose you, that's OK. We prefer a smaller group of aligned people over filling our space just to reach the capacity limit. We’re not impressed by your followers, fortune, or fame [though none of those exclude you]. We seek individuals—curious, brave, caring, weird, and sensitive. If you have already applied in the past and been accepted, you only need to fill out the first few questions.

If you don't have a password, it's fine.

🪷 What's Included?

◾A curated container of unique and aligned humansDelicious Plant-Forward Lunch & Dinner Monday — Friday
24/7 Access to Sauna, Hot Tub, Equipped Gym, Yoga Studio, Jam Space, Communal Kitchen, Private Lake, Forest, Pool, etc.
Free Snack-bar with Fruits & Peanut Butter
Spring Water & Well Water on tap
All you can wash laundry & dryers, eco-detergent included

🎩 Any passions or workshops you'd like to explore or share during your residency?

First, we need your 👍👍!

I consent to my data being stored and reviewed for the process of this residency.

If you wish for your data to be removed at any time, please click here.
Your data will not be sold or released publicly.
Your answers are reviewed by two of the Garden team.
We value data privacy 🏴‍☠️.

First Name

Last Name

So, where aren't you from?

What is your email address?

Who, if anyone, referred you?

Where did you hear about this?

Applying as a muse or artisan?

Muses receive a 50% discount on their stay (not including accom), and are asked to provide their skills 7h/week.
Applying as a muse or artisan?

Are you applying with someone else? [like a partner, friend, or family?]

They need to fill out their own application :)
Are you applying with someone else? [like a partner, friend, or family?]

What is your # [Whatsapp preferred]

Is there any web or social media presence you'd like to share?

When would you like to arrive?

One week min. We recommend a stay of 2-8 weeks.
When would you like to arrive?
If you are joining for one of our events, you can book-end the dates on either side and rent accommodation from us during to ensure a smooth stay. Just let our coordinator know once you're accepted!

When is your ideal departure?

Select an arrival date first — you must come before you go.

Roughly many hours per week will you be working online?

Do you wish to bring an animal with you?

Do you wish to bring an animal with you?

Have you already applied in the past?

Have you already applied in the past?

Where are you at in your life right now?

Max 80 words, please.

Why do you want to spend time at the Garden?

What's your intention? What do you seek?

What photo(s) of you best captures your essence?

What's something you've created / built that you're proud of?

Feel free to add photos or videos!

What a recent belief you changed?

If we really knew you, what would we know?

What is something about yourself that you're working on?

What's your ideal way of getting to know a new person?

How do you identify yourself?

Are there any topics which are not OK to discuss in an academic setting?

Did you spend most of your pre-adult life in the United States of America?

Did you spend most of your pre-adult life in the United States of America?

What's your favorite conspiracy theory?

What do you believe is true that most other people believe is false?

What, if anything, does astrology mean to you?

Logically: if some robots are mechanics and some mechanics are purple, does it follow that some robots must be purple?

What accommodation is your preference?

Detailed photos of rooms & accommodation will be provided before booking.

If not available, what is your second choice?

Preferences are non-committal, you can change your mind or decide to book different accommodation.

Anything else?

Next steps:

1. We will review your application.

2. We may set up a call to make sure it's mutually a good fit.

3. If confirmed, you'll receive the booking details.

4. Once booked, we'll send you arrival instructions.

5. See you soon!

You will receive an automatic email confirmation that we have received your application. If you don't get this, email us at [email protected]
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